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  • Home on Weekends
  • Great Health Benefits
  • New Pay Packages
  • Bonuses

Sustainable Income

Barber prides themselves on offering competitive rates for drivers to make a sustainable income so they can provide for their families.  We don’t offer misleading signing bonuses or only pay for miles of loaded freight like our competitors.


Barber specializes in deliveries in the Mid-Atlantic, North Carolina and Ohio-Indiana regions that makes Home Time and Weekends possible. However, there are national deliveries all over the U.S., which provides more earning opportunities for any driver wanting those trips.


Barber offers benefits that are thoughtful of drivers and their families with Home on Weekends and Weekly Direct Deposit Pay. Those benefits and many others, make Barber Trucking a company THAT YOU can count on to make an immediate financial positive impact for you and your family.









Barber Trucking understands the importance of family, so because of that we give you the opportunities to be home on weekends, new pay packages, amazing health benefits, and some awesome bonuses! 

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Class A Commercial Driver's License (CDL)

Any combination of vehicles with a Gross Vehicle Weight (GVWR) Rating of 26,001 or more pounds provided the GVWR of the vehicle(s) being towed is in excess of 10,000 pounds.

Good MVR And Clean DAC Report

Must have a good motor vehicle record & driving history report. Please contact us if you are unsure if you meet these qualifications.

Must Pass D.O.T Physical/Drug Screen

Our drivers must be in good physical and mental condition, because safety is our ultimate goal. Safe Drivers get an extra 3% of pay!

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Driving for Family

We understand taking care of family, so we do our best to help drivers take care of theirs. We’re able to do that by getting our drivers home on weekends, and by offering great pay and benefits. Afford your family the things they want in life by driving with a team who understands, and does their best to help make being on the road a little easier.

Driving for You

With us, you are a person with individual wants and needs; you will never be a number. We will never try to trick you with misleading signing bonuses, or seemingly high pay that ends up only being loaded mileage. We also allow and encourage advancement opportunities, and have reward programs for drivers who are exceptional and safe. We are up-front and honest with you, because that’s how a team works. If you are a qualified and safety conscious driver, please contact us. We want to work with you!

Driving for Team

We think it’s important for all of our drivers feel like the vital part of the team that they are. That’s why our dispatch will never call a driver by a number, but always by your name. We want all of our team members to feel involved and welcome at the work place. Everyone’s input is valued, and we appreciate those who pay that forward to the rest of the team as well.

Driving for Financial Security

We love our jobs, but let’s face it; we all work to make money. Financial security and the important things that it affords us and our families can be hard to achieve. Not so with Barber Trucking! We offer highly competitive pay, because we want all of our workers to have the opportunity to be financially secure, and to be able to make strong financial decisions. Whether that means paying a mortgage on time, saving for your child’s tuition, or getting your retirement fund started (among other benefits we offer 401k), we know that it all starts with earning power.

Military Friendly

When we say we are a military friendly employer, we mean it. Too often we hear of stories where 88M’s and other service members are told they will be accepted & accommodated, only to find out that they really aren’t. Either their experience doesn’t transfer, or employers aren’t committed to allow time off for deployments & drills. That is NOT the case with Barber Trucking! We are proud to give our nations hero’s work that acknowledges their experience & skill set. Don’t take it from us though, hear it from one of your own.

Safety Matters

We pride ourselves on dependable service and on time deliveries, but not at the expense of our drivers. We want all of our drivers to follow safety protocol through being prepared. The most important thing to us is safety. That’s why we developed our driver safety bonus. Because we wanted to reward those who keep safety in mind at every step of the delivery process.

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"They know your name and you as a person. They try to do the right thing by you as long as you do the same”
Barry Thortenson
Company Driver
“They really seem to understand me, and the way my National Guard military skills and experience translated”
Dan Johnson
SSgt in the Army National Guard and Company Driver

The Zekelman Industries - 2017 Carrier of the Year

Congratulations and thank you to our drivers and our support staff! Because of you we were able to be awarded the Zekelman Industries 2017 Regional Carrier of the Year!

The Museum that Heals - Our Big Haul!

Our Big Haul! At Barber Trucking, we believe in respecting and support our veterans, and what better way to do that than to take what we do best and help haul “The Wall That Heals” in efforts to show the world.

New Pay Package!

Attention Drivers! You asked for it and it has arrived. Barber Trucking has a brand new pay package for all new and current drivers. Starting September 5th, 2017, the new pay package will go into effect!

Truck Driving Healthy Living Tips

If you’re like a lot of other people, you’ve promised yourself that 2016 will be your healthiest year ever. You’re going to eat right, work out, and finally kick those bad habits to the curb. The proverbial bump in the road? You’re always on the road!

New Rule to Protect Drivers

A new rule was recently published in the Federal Registry to protect drivers and penalize companies that try to coerce them into violating safety rules and regulations. The rule will impose penalties on motor carriers, shippers, receivers, and transportation

Jeff Tech Opens Class A CDL Class

We’re so proud to be partnered with Jeff Tech in their newest Adult Education venture: Offering a Class A CDL Class! Truck driving can be a really rewarding career, and we’re happy to be involved in training newcomers. More about the Jeff Tech Class A CDL Class

9/10 PA Safety Meeting

On Sunday, September 10th we had our 3rd quarter safety meeting in Brookville! During this meeting we looked over our past year and award were presented to many drivers from the National Safety Council.

9/16 NC Safety Meeting

On Saturday, September 16th we had our 3rd quarter safety meeting in North Carolina! During this meeting we looked over our past year and award were presented to many drivers from the National Safety Council.

We are a tight-knit flatbed trucking company that is committed to our team.



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