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Thank you for Moving the Country

Thank you for Moving the Country

September 13-19th was National Truck Driver Appreciation Week. Truck driving can seem like a thankless job sometimes, because truckers provide a service people often take for granted.

thank-you-truckersNot us at Barber Trucking! We know exactly how important it is for all types of drivers: from dry vans, to refrigerated, and of course flatbed haulers, and more, thank you for moving the country! Without you, we wouldn’t have food in the grocery store, fuel to heat our homes, medicine when we’re sick, and countless other daily necessities and conveniences.

While we may not have been able to show our appreciation to all truck drivers, we definitely could and did show our appreciation to our drivers with a company wide cookout held at all of our locations.

The cookout lasted all day, because we wanted to make sure a hot meal was waiting for everyone who was able to stop. In addition to getting good food, drivers also got a new shirt, and a sincere thanks from leadership.

We’re proud of all of our drivers for the job that they do everyday, and we thank their families for supporting them. We also can’t ignore the rest of Team Barber; the mechanics, dispatchers, and office personnel that work hard keep our truckers safely on the road.

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