Driving for You

Driving for You

Our company culture is focused around you, and all of our other employees.  We know our employees are our most valuable asset so; what matters to you, matters to us too.

That’s why we make sure you know that driving for Team Barber is like driving for you, driving for your family, driving for your financial future, driving for your independence on the road, and driving for job security.

With us, you are a person with individual wants and needs; you will never be a number.  We will never try to trick you with misleading signing bonuses, or seemingly high pay that ends up only being loaded mileage.  We also allow and encourage advancement opportunities, and have reward programs for drivers who are exceptional and safe.

We are up-front and honest with you, because that’s how a team works.  If you are a qualified and safety conscious driver, please contact us.  We want to work with you!

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