Military Friendly Employer & Proud of it!

Military Friendly Employer & Proud of it!

When we say we are a military friendly employer, we mean it.  Too often we hear of stories where 88M’s and other service members are told they will be accepted & accommodated, only to find out that they really aren’t.  Either their experience doesn’t transfer, or employers aren’t committed to allow time off for deployments & drills.

That is NOT the case with Barber Trucking!  We are proud to give our nations hero’s work that acknowledges their experience & skill set.  Don’t take it from us though, hear it from one of your own.

“I’m Staff Sergeant Dan Johnson. I have been serving in the United States National Guard for eight years. I am a heavy wheeled equipment operator (88 Mike) and a heavy wheeled operation mechanic (91 Bravo). Prior to finding Barber Trucking, I was really getting discouraged on my recent job hunt, because I had multiple interviews and yet didn’t have a single offer. It seems that even companies who claimed to be military friendly weren’t what they seemed. There were a variety of reasons that I was denied related to me not having any civilian trucking experience.

Then I found Barber Trucking. They really seemed to understand me, and the way my National Guard military skills and experience translated. I am now happy to be a valued member of their team. They have great integrity, honesty, loyalty, and have done everything they said they would do.”

Not only do we support current & past military members through our commitment of being a truly military friendly employer, we also support disabled veterans through donations to the Wounded Warrior Project.

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