Monthly Safety Bonus

Monthly Safety Bonus

Safety Matters

We pride ourselves on dependable service and on time deliveries, but not at the expense of our drivers. We want all of our drivers to follow safety protocol through being prepared.  The most important thing to us is safety.  That’s why we developed our driver safety bonus. Because we wanted to reward those who keep safety in mind at every step of the delivery process.


To be eligible, drivers must have all 4) CSA Categories with ZERO violations:

  1. Vehicle Maintenance
  2. Crash Indicator
  3. Unsafe Driving
  4. Hours of Service

Any single violation in any of the above categories will disqualify you for that current month’s Safety Bonus.

Safety Bonus Award Details

Bonus will be paid the last day of each month, and will be calculated by 3% of the previous month’s income (while operating the truck).  Vacation time does not count towards wages earned.

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