The Museum That Heals – Our Big Haul!

The Museum That Heals – Our Big Haul!

The Museum That Heals – Our Big Haul!

Our Big Haul!

At Barber Trucking, we believe in respecting and support our veterans, and what better way to do that than to take what we do best and help haul “The Wall That Heals” in efforts to show the world.

The Wall That Heals is a mobile, half scale replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial that is within Washington, D.C.. This wall is not only 250 feet long and made up of 24 individual panels, it’s also a wall that holds the names of over 58,000 men and women who made a difference and were an inspiration in Vietnam and gives honor and pride to the many American people who served in the Vietnam War. Not only does this carry a wall with thousands and thousands of names, it also holds a mobile Education Center that holds and displays photos, history, and memorabilia of which is all related to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. (To the left¬†images taken from the VVMF official website, these are not ours, and are used to give visual ideas.)

Since we have decided to partner up with the VVMF (Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund), we have agreed to haul the wall a good portion of the way, and by doing so, we were requested to leave the memorial open for the public for a 24 hour period. However, because of lack of time, we will not be able to show the wall replica, instead, we will only be able to show the mobile Education Center and Information Center. Even though we are not able to show the wall, we still feel honored to haul it a great distance, and to show the history of the Vietnam War and information about the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

We at Barber Trucking respect all of our veterans, and see this as a great opportunity and have taken this and planned it considerably. On May 29th, we must pick up the exhibit from Oneonta, New York, the drive will be long and far, and not to forget the drive back as well. Once we return to Brookville, Pennsylvania, we will be setting up the exhibit for the public to view at 8AM, and will leave it open to the public till 5PM, on May 30th. On May 31st, we must have it delivered to Groton, New York by 9AM, and by the end of it all, the full exhibit and wall will be displayed within Port Bryon at their local school district. This trip and job will be very tiring on the workers at the task, and a very long one at that. The entire trip (counting to the places and back) will roughly be over 700 miles, so we would like to thank the men and women at task, and are grateful for their loyal service to our company.


Read more about the VVMF and The Wall That Heals here.


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