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Demo Derby Sponsor at the Jefferson County Fair (PA)

Demo Derby Sponsor at the Jefferson County Fair (PA)

We washed and spit shined one of our trucks to get her all prettied up for the Demo Derby!  Turned out pretty good right?  She sat right out in front and greeted demo derby goers at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds in Brookville, PA right in our corporate headquarters backyard.

Hundreds of people packed the stands to watch the Brookville event of the Wreckless Warriors Demolition Derby.  The turn out couldn’t have been better as the crowd was great, cheering loudly and supporting the drivers (somehow still running and even ramming into others).  We can relate as we support our Barber Trucking drivers with top-line pay, bonuses and benefits along with valuing the most important things – home on weekends and time with family.

As a proud Demo Derby sponsor, their success was our success.  We were able to show off the Barber blue while supporting our local area at a family friendly event.  After all, that’s one of the reasons we do what we do; to get home and spend time with those we care about.  What better way to do that than bonding over fair food and having fun at a demo derby?

We will be sponsoring various other events with the Jefferson County Fair throughout the summer. Stay tuned, or better yet: please come out in person to see us at the Fairgrounds.  We will have the Barber Trucking team and recruiters around to talk to anyone interested in crossing over to team Barber blue, and answer any questions you may have.

In the mean time, feel free to contact us for any reason.  We look forward to hearing from you!


“Drive for: team,

financial security,

job security,


& you”

Owner Operator-Independent Flatbed Driver Job Opportunities

Owner Operator-Independent Flatbed Driver Job Opportunities

Whether talking about company drivers or owner operators who drive their personal flatbed vehicle; we treat everyone who drives with us the same.  We treat them with respect, as a valued individual, and as an integral part of the team.

If you are an owner operator who is looking to partner with a flatbed trucking company, please consider Barber Trucking! We haul commodities such as (but not limited to) steel, lumber, & particle board.

Most of our hauls are in the Mid-Atlantic, North Carolina and Ohio-Indiana regions.  That makes Home Time and Weekends possible. However, there are national deliveries all over the U.S., which provides more earning opportunities for any driver wanting those trips. We do travel into NYC & Canada.  90% of our loads are tarped.

Some of the benefits of working with us include:

  • Home Weekly & Sometimes More
  • Weekly Pay – Direct Deposit Available
  • Safety Bonus
  • Company Shirts & Jackets
  • Driver Referral Program (up to $450)
  • Credit Union
  • Optional Uniforms

Owner Operator Qualifications:

  • Must have three years
  • verifiable experience
  • Must be 23 years of age
  • Must pass D.O.T. Physical
  • Drug Screen
  • Good MVR
  • Clean DAC Report
  • Equipment must pass inspection

Driving for YOU: the benefits of TEAM BARBER (part 2)

“Trucking added the most jobs of any transportation sector in 2013; demand expected to grow by 21% through 2020”

We are focusing on new Barber Trucking drivers who are independent workers that can take instruction and take on responsibility. They thrive in an environment where they have the power the set their own pace. They prioritize their home time, time on the road, financial earnings, and their ultimately their career in the way that works best for them as an individual and primary family provider. If you’re a military member or veteran, that’s why you’re ideal candidates for the job.

Truck driving is one of the few careers can train quickly to earn $40-50k. By year 3, a driver could be making into $50,000s

Barber prides themselves on offering competitive rates for drivers to make a sustainable income and provide for their families. We are also up front about the earning potential within the company, and we will never trick drivers with signing bonuses that have strings attached, or cents per mile that only applies when trucks are loaded.

“Working conditions have improved, trucks are more comfortable and well equipped”

We make sure our drivers adhere to and never exceed DOT regulations when it comes to distance traveled and time on the road. That’s because our number one concern when delivering a load is that it is delivered safely. That’s why we give you all of the equipment necessary to do so.  We also believe that drivers should feel at home in their trucks so they remain able to focus.  That’s why all of our trucks feature no idle HVAC unit and have bunks.

“Turnover is lower at smaller carriers; due to their family atmosphere”

Company hopping is a common occurrence in the trucking industry, but we do our best to avoid it by showing each and every driver how much we value them as a team member. With us, no one is ever a number, safe and on time delivery is rewarded, and drivers have the opportunity for advancement. We do our best to retain drivers, because they are a second family to us. Don’t you want to work with Barber Trucking and experience what job security and stability feels like?

Driving for YOU: the benefits of TEAM BARBER (part 1)

We’re not like a “normal” trucking company. We don’t just drive 18 wheelers. You’re not on the road for weeks on end then never being home, never seeing your family and never having a life.

You’re so close to joining Team Barber. Here are some more myths to dismiss about Barber Trucking and what a specialty-haul driver for Team Barber is all about:

All of trucking: poor working conditions, over-worked, underpaid, high health and safety risks

Barber offers benefits that are thoughtful of drivers and their families with Home on Weekends and Weekly Direct Deposit Pay. Those benefits and many others, make Barber Trucking a company that you can count on for a sustainable job and for an income that makes an immediate financial positive impact to the driver and their family. The proof is in the pudding, as Barber Trucking is one of the higher paying trucking and hauling companies in the regions we are stationed.

It’s a dead end job that’s miserable and no chance for future opportunities

Barber Trucking drivers are independent workers who understand their role in moving the country. They attack each job with feeling a sense of responsibility and ownership, because they know that their work affords them the things they value most in life, deserved and earned: time home with family and friends, financial independence, and promotion from within a company who sees them as more than just a number.

Only older guys are drivers and there is no room for anyone else

There are so many newer groups of drivers obtaining their CDL licenses and owning their financial future: career changers, retirees, former military people and business owners who want to start a second career.  Thought it was just men? Think again! Women are also a grower segment of drivers. And companies love them because they are safety-conscious and well-organized.

On the road 7 days a week with no family time

Fewer drivers want to do long-hauls, especially younger drivers who prefer regional jobs and family life. Barber specializes in deliveries in the Mid-Atlantic, North Carolina and Ohio-Indiana regions that makes Home Time and Weekends possible. However, there are national deliveries all over the U.S., which provides more earning opportunities for any driver wanting those trips.

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