Truck Driver Healthy Living Tips

Truck Driver Healthy Living Tips

Truck Driver Healthy Living Tips

If you’re like a lot of other people, you’ve promised yourself that 2016 will be your healthiest year ever. You’re going to eat right, work out, and finally kick those bad habits to the curb. The proverbial bump in the road? You’re always on the road!

Living a healthy lifestyle is even harder for truckers than the average person. After all, it’s hard to fit exercise in when you’re sitting for up to ___ hours a day. It’s also hard to plan a healthy meal when you don’t have a lot of time (not to mention a fridge or a stove to store and cook fresh foods).

But if you want 2016 to be your healthiest year ever, that starts with no excuses. Drivers just need to work harder and stay committed to fitting in exercise and good eating habits. Here are a few quick tips and healthy choices you can make to help you get started.

Truck Driver Healthy Living Tips

Truck Driver Healthy Living Tips drink water with lemon or lime
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Beverages: Steer clear of soda, energy drinks, and fruit juice that contains excessive sugar and little to no actual fruit juice. When it comes to hydration, of course water is the best option, but water can get a little boring. Try adding some kick by squeezing lemon or lime directly into your water bottle (both fruits boast a variety of health benefits and are known to aid in weight loss). Add in green tea, and know that a cup or two of coffee is okay (although we suggest you hold back on the cream and sugar).

Travel Snacks: Steer clear of chips, snack cakes, and candy. Even in moderation, these items tend to be packed with empty calories. Instead opt for hard boiled eggs (available at many convenience stores), almonds or pistachios (ideally unsalted), dry roasted edamame (which are surprisingly tasty soy beans), string cheese and fruit, small amounts of low sodium jerky, or sunflower seeds.

Eating on the Run: When you decide to eat out at a restaurant (fastfood or not), make smart decisions. Avoid the sugary drinks and instead stick to one of the healthy options mentioned above. Order a grilled option or baked meat option, and try it on a wrap instead of a bun. Also try substituting fries for a baked potato or other healthy side like rice and beans.

Truck Driver Healthy Living Tips - Use your truck to exerciseStop for Exercise: When weather permits and you have to stop for the day, plan to stop at a park
or recreation area where you can take a walk or jog around. You can also use the tips from team runsmart to turn your truck into an exercising accessory. Consider joining a large national gym like Anytime Fitness. Benefits include many locations you can stop at along your route, and 24 hr access so you can fit your workout in when it works for you.

Cab Exercises: Not able to get out of your truck. There are a surprising amount of exercises you can do that don’t require a lot of space such as high knees, squats, torso twists, leg lifts, and crunches. Follow this routine for even more inspiration.

At the end of the day and once the year is over, don’t forget that your wellness is in your hands. Follow us on Facebook and watch for our Truck Driver Healthy Living Tips on Wellness Wednesday. We make it easy for followers by posting even more ideas, tips, and trick on how you can make 2016 your healthiest year ever.

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